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BHRC publishes a book, “Balochistan of Pakistan: A brief on the miseries and sufferings of a people”

Abstract: The colonial powers in order to safeguard their interests in regions where they had ruled, divided nations, and created artificial states. As a consequence of this policy, several regions of Asia and Africa became zones of never-ending conflicts and turmoil. The Baloch are among the largest national entities (only second to Kurds) in the world without a state of

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Mother with her two teenage daughters forced disappeared from Gwadar

In a bold rebuttal to national and international criticism, the security forces of Pakistan have forcibly disappeared a Baloch woman Aisha along with her two 16 years old daughters Naila and Mahtab during a raid on the victims’ house in Gwadar. Victims have been identified, as the wife and daughters of Allah Bux Baloch, a resident of Shapuk Turbat. Mr.

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