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BHRC, BHRO & HRCB are to jointly organize a one day conference on Balochistan in Berlin

The human rights groups working to protect and promote the rights of the people of Balochistan have announced to hold a one-day conference on Balochistan in the capital city of Germany on 11 December 2019. According to the official social media accounts of Baloch Human Rights Council (BHRC), Baloch Human Rights Organization (BHRO) and the Human Rights Council of Balochistan

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BHRC publishes a book, “Balochistan of Pakistan: A brief on the miseries and sufferings of a people”

Abstract: The colonial powers in order to safeguard their interests in regions where they had ruled, divided nations, and created artificial states. As a consequence of this policy, several regions of Asia and Africa became zones of never-ending conflicts and turmoil. The Baloch are among the largest national entities (only second to Kurds) in the world without a state of

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BHRC intervened to highlight the plight of the Baloch people during the 42nd session of UNHRC.

Geneva: 2019-09-23 The Information Secretary of Baloch Human Rights Council (BHRC) Qambar Malik Baloch in his intervention speeches on Item 3 and Item 4 during the 42nd UNHRC session drew the attention of the council to the on-going dimensional human rights violation in Balochistan being perpetrated by Pakistan and Iran. He pointed out that the Baloch are being victimized because

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Baloch Human Rights Council organized another conference entitled, “70 years of subjugation; a case of genocide and crimes against humanity in Balochistan”

PRESS RELEASE: Geneva, Switzerland – 12/09/2019: Baloch Human Rights Council organized another conference entitled, “70 years of subjugation; a case of genocide and crimes against humanity in Balochistan”. Mr. Qambar Malik of BHRC moderated the conference while the Vice President of BHRC Mr. Hassan Hamdam presided the entire session. The prominent among the speakers were Secretary General of the UNPO

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BHRC convened a conference entitled, “State sponsored Religious Terrorism in Balochistan: Regional & International Repercussions”

Geneva, Switzerland – 11/09/2019: BHRC has successfully convened a conference on its second consecutive day of a week-long awareness campaign in Geneva. The conference on Pakistani state engineered ‘Islamization of Balochistan’ was attended by a number of esteemed speakers who brought forth an informed opinion on the phenomenon of Islamization that threatens to gradually erode the foundations of a secular

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Diplomats from various countries including prominent International NGOs briefed on the Human Rights situation in Balochistan

The conference organized by Baloch Human Rights Council is the first of its kind on Balochistan to have hosted diplomats from various countries and representatives from three international NGOs. Press Release: Geneva, Switzerland – 10/09/2019: Members of diplomatic corps in Geneva and representatives from various International NGOs responded positively to the call of Baloch Human Rights Council (BHRC) by attending

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