BHRC letter to the leaders of the G7 countries

Press Release:

London: 12 June 2021

The Baloch Human Rights Council (BHRC) has demanded from the G7 summit that a UN fact-finding mission should be sent to investigate the crimes against humanity being committed by the Pakistani state in Balochistan. 

In a letter to the Summit leaders, BHRC general secretary Samad Baloch has drawn the attention of the world leaders that Pakistani atrocities in Balochistan began soon after its occupation by the Pakistani army in March 1948.  However, the events of the last 15 years are fully revealing of the fact that the state establishment of Pakistan is determined to physically eliminate the Baloch social, political, and human rights activists.

Pointing out many aspects of human rights violations in Balochistan, he apprised the summit leaders that enforced disappearance of political and social activists, extra-judicial killings, the formation of death squads by the army, the formation of proxy militant religious organizations, open patronization of the narcotics business, and the ruthless exploitation of natural resources by Chinese corporations are major elements of the Pakistani modus operandi in dealing with the Baloch national question.

He observed that many prominent Baloch social, intellectuals and political figures have been targeted and eliminated by death squads and intelligence operatives. The whereabouts of thousands of Baloch are still unknown.

Pakistani officials have accepted more than 6000 missing persons, and we genuinely believe that their lives are in grave danger. Abductions of students, doctors, teachers, journalists, and human rights activists are taking place daily in Balochistan.

He demanded that the perpetrators of the heinous crimes against humanity in Balochistan should be brought to justice by initiating cases against them in the international court of justice in The Hague.

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