The conference on Balochistan in the House of Lords cancelled

London: The scheduled conference in the House of Lords on 28 April 2020 has been cancelled because of the situation created with the outbreak of coronavirus. 

The conference titled “Balochistan: War crimes & human rights abuses in a forgotten conflict” was set to highlight various aspects of the Baloch national question, and the humanitarian crisis developed in Balochistan as a result of the human rights violations being perpetrated by Pakistani authorities.

Distinguished academics, policymakers, and human rights defenders were to participate in the event. Organized by the Baloch Human Rights Council (BHRC) in collaboration with the Peter Tatchell Foundation and the World Sindhi Congress, it was to be chaired by the Green Party leader Nathalie Bennet. The announcement to cancel the event was made because of the closure of the Parliament and related circumstances.

The BHRC will reschedule the conference to a later date after carefully considering the situation.

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