BHRC Appeals for Humanitarian aid to Flood victims in Balochistan

London: The Baloch Human Rights Council strongly condemns the insensitivity of the Iranian and Pakistani authorities and their failure to extend relief to the flood victims in Balochistan. We appeal to the International Humanitarian organizations including the UN and European Commission to intervene directly through emergency teams to assess and address the needs of the people severely affected by heavy rains and unprecedented floods in Eastern and Western Balochistan.

Heavy rainfalls and devastating floods have struck hundreds of villages in Balochistan causing significant human and material loss. Many villages have been left cut off with hundreds of houses destroyed leaving people without food and shelter.

Lack of health facilities, safe water, and the absence of emergency relief by the authorities have further deteriorated the situation. According to various media reports, 20,000 people have lost their homes and at least four people are reported dead.

The International humanitarian organizations must come forward to save the people of Balochistan who are in desperate need of help and support.

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