BHRC publishes a book, “Balochistan of Pakistan: A brief on the miseries and sufferings of a people”


The colonial powers in order to safeguard their interests in regions where they had ruled, divided nations, and created artificial states. As a consequence of this policy, several regions of Asia and Africa became zones of never-ending conflicts and turmoil. The Baloch are among the largest national entities (only second to Kurds) in the world without a state of their own and one of the few nations in the contemporary world who still face the curse of colonialism.

From 1666, Balochistan was ruled by a loose confederacy of Baloch tribes under the Khanate of Kalat. In 1839, it was occupied by the British and finally divided and incorporated into many countries of the region. Major parts of Balochistan are presently controlled by Iran and Pakistan.

This writeup is about that part of Balochistan which is controlled by Pakistan since 1948. Since their incorporation into Pakistan, the Baloch have been the victim of dominating policies and strategies. They have faced the repression and subjugation of the religious and fanatical state for a long time and lives of millions of Baloch are characterized by oppression and exploitation in numerous ways. The cream of their society and a large part of the population have faced physical elimination. The violence by the security forces has manifested by the gross human rights violations and massive dislocation of the Baloch population with tremendous human suffering. Many actions of the state come within the definition of war crimes, genocide, and crimes against humanity.

“This book is a brief account of how various socio-cultural, political and militant strategies employed by Pakistan caused many sufferings for the Baloch.”

For full contents of the book, please download from the link below :

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