Mother with her two teenage daughters forced disappeared from Gwadar

In a bold rebuttal to national and international criticism, the security forces of Pakistan have forcibly disappeared a Baloch woman Aisha along with her two 16 years old daughters Naila and Mahtab during a raid on the victims’ house in Gwadar.

Victims have been identified, as the wife and daughters of Allah Bux Baloch, a resident of Shapuk Turbat. Mr. Baloch was extra-judicially abducted by the personnel of security forces from Gwadar, a few days before his wife and daughters were taken away by the security forces.

According to Allah Bux’s neighbors, he had gone to Gwadar to earn a livelihood for his family.

The state authorities in Pakistan have been for long projecting the development of Gwadar port as the remedy to the decade-old economic deprivation suffered by the locals of Balochistan, however, the cases of enforced disappearances reported from Gwadar, all together have come down hard on these claims.

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