Baloch Human Rights Council appoints representatives and a new office bearer

London: The Baloch Human Rights Council -BHRC has appointed new representatives in different European countries, and an office-bearer to help manage its virtual presence.

According to the BHRC’s information secretary Qambar Malik Baloch, Kamal Khan will be BHRC’s representative in Italy, Zakir Ali Baloch will represent BHRC in Greece, whereas, Nabi Baksh Balouch will assume the charge of Chief Technology Officer to oversee all technological resources of the organization.

Baloch Human Rights Council is an international human rights organization that since its inception in 2008, has been highlighting the plight of the Baloch people at the international fora. It has in recent months held major awareness campaigns in Geneva about the appalling human rights situation in Balochistan while its members have also through interventions informed the UNHRC of the human rights challenges facing the Baloch people in Iran and Pakistan. BHRC is headed by the renowned Baloch scholar and historian Dr Naseer Dashti. 

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