Three men forcefully whisked away from the port city of Gwadar

Gwadar: Balochistan has recently witnessed a significant increase in the number of cases of enforced disappearances. The most recent cases surfaced as the forceful disappearance of three Baloch men by the security forces of Pakistan from the port city of Gwadar. The Baloch nationalists accuse China of building the port of Gwadar for its own military and strategic purposes, against the will and decision of the Baloch people, and have vehemently opposed these Chinese led projects.

According to the details, the security forces of Pakistan on Monday extra-judicially whisked away three men hailing from the Pak-Iran border town of Mand named Abid s/o Khalid Baloch, Murad s/o Abdul Samad, and Waju s/o Abdul Wahid. Further details about the victims and their whereabouts remain unknown. 

The Pakistani authorities have denied its involvement in the forceful disappearance of Baloch socio-political activists despite well-founded evidence of its the security forces’ involvement in the extra-judicial abductions of Baloch political activists and human rights defenders.

Source: Balochistan Affairs

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